Twenty four years ago, community activist and resident Verna McClain decided it was time that Phoenix received a consistent, positive message about the South Mountain Village. The community was growing quickly and she knew that the positive focus, discussion and celebration would strongly add to the momentum that was already at work in the community. She worked with local printshop owner, Bill Pinch to produce a newsletter each month that would be distributed to many local businesses, churches and organizations. The idea was well accepted; thus the South Mountain Villager was born. Involvement and excitement grew. Known affectionately as “The Villager” , the local publication found its place in the life of the community and is seen as a beacon in the community and a cheer-leader of positivity and growth. Today it is seen, known and trusted all over the South Mountain Village. In 2013, Andrew Pinch stepped into the role of Publisher. The Grandson of Bill Pinch, Andrew grew up helping make the Villager and has a passion for creating community through positive messaging. An experienced Marketer and Printer, Andrew updated the brand and is managing The Villager’s continued expansion. The Villager is continuing to prove its relevance and ability to serve the community through its expanding distribution, new digital offerings and content. The Villager team is continuing to look forward to how it can more deeply connect the community and engage as many as possible around all the good that is happening in our community.